Squares, Triangles, and Saucers

Jason Deering comes from a loving but dysfunctional family. In his youth, he finds himself bullied by his schoolmates. No one except a motley group of hippies, and one special girl, accept Jason at face value. He soon strikes out on his own, only to form a business relationship with Russell Tazian, a heartless, unscrupulous man with designs on Jason’s bank account. Unable to pay his debts to Tazian, Jason flees for his life. He discovers strange destinations far away from his familiar rural Pennsylvania surroundings, complete with bizarre casts of characters.

Follow Jason’s travels across North America and the Caribbean as he encounters a cavalcade of unusual people, while he searches for that most elusive of all emotions — love. He falls into a repetitive cycle of moving to a new locale, meeting a new girl, falling in love, and losing her. Finally, he meets a woman he intends to marry, but discovers that she has become engaged to someone else. Enraged and heartbroken, Jason devises a plan to commit suicide. Having obtained a pilot’s license, he rents an aircraft with intentions to fly to the Virgin Islands to kill himself, when he is abducted out of Bermuda airspace by extraterrestrials. The aliens, having never before interacted with a suicidal human being, find themselves in an unexpected confrontation.

“Squares, Triangles, and Saucers” is as much a human drama as it is a work of science fiction. The author unapologetically explores human interaction and emotion. He imaginatively puts a different light on extraterrestrials, their purpose for visiting this planet, and how they may interact with us.